6393 Monk Boulevard
Completed 2008
280 sq m

The client sought a contemporary solution for a veterinary clinic in an existing duplex on a developing commercial artery in south west Montreal. As always, space requirements outweighed the space available. Boxed in by buildings on both sides, we completely opened up the front to the commercial thoroughfare and the back to the residential alley behind. As much as possible corridors were eliminated and spaces were organized in an overlapping series. Full height glazed divisions and reflective surfaces further broke down barriers and provided continuous views to the exterior, broadening the boundaries of each space and fostering an open, bright, relaxing atmosphere for both patient and owner. The project garnered a Créativité Montréal - Commerce Design 2008 Grand Prize (health, well-being, and beauty category).

Project in collaboration with Jean-Marc Renaud.
Photos: Veffia/S.Mishara/TBA.